FrequenSee HD - Audio Analyzer Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Audio Sweep Generator Application (Android)

FuncGen Signal Generator - UZONE Q7 (Right) (30 sec, 200-20000Hz) FreqCounter - iPhone A1303 (Upper) FrequenSee - Teclast T760 (Left)

Transform iPhone, iPad into 2.4GHz Spectrum Analyzer with WiPry-Spectrum

This demo shows you how WiPry-Spectrum can transform an iPhone, iPad into a 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer. More details can be found at: ...

How to load the Sathero SH-100HD satellite finder signal meter

Step by step instructions for loading the Sathero SH-100HD satellite finder meter.

Top Android Apps for Sound Engineers

1.Audio Tool 2.Audalyser 3.Speedy Spectrum Analyzer 4.SPL and spectrum analyzer 5.FFT 6.Rain Soundscope 7.FrequenSee HD 8.Ivory Tower 9.White Noise Generator 10.Strasser Accordion.

Car Audio How-To - How to Tune an Equalizer!

This is a quick and easy (and FREE) way to tune your car audio equalizer. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: - Audio system tuned without distortion. - Cell Phone with an RTA program - 10 Minutes The...

pc software audio analyzer

this is free pc audio analyzer software for musicfreaks. this video shows 2 programs 1 (the green one) windows media player plugin 2 (the blue one) is a separate program For more fun while...

iPod Touch Ultrasonic Capabilities

A video showing the distance ultrasound can travel. The 19kHz frequency is generated by an iPod touch running the application SoundSwitch. The signal is left playing while the receiver is moved...

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